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Circuit Book Program

In the past, our Society conducted a program of circulating Circuit Books, wherein members hinged their material in a circuit book, priced it, then mailed it to the Circuit Manager. Then the books were circulated to the membership that asked for them, allowing a member to pick out their preferences, pull the items from the book, place payment in the book and mail the book to the next person on the list.

This was a cumbersome process and could lead to books being missed or items being removed without proper payment. Also, the process of payment was difficult and not transparent. Often members did not recieve payment for up to two years. Hardly satisfactory.

Now, through the ? of Geoffrey Goodridge, a past Circuit Manager, we have a system whereby images of the book pages are created, then circulated to all members at the same time. The first responder is the winner.

A major advantage of this process is we are able to clear payments to our sellers within a matter of weeks of the end of each sale. Another is that members can view the material without having it sit on their desk.

Payments are generally made via PayPal, clearing the transactions within a matter of days. Shipments are made as soon as payment is recieved.

To recieve notice of the next sale(s), email the Circuit Manager.

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