Applying For Membership

Below is an online form to apply for membership. If you do not wish to complete the process online, then you must not fill in this form. You must contact the who will send you a print application.

This online process requires payment by PayPal at the time of submission. If you do not wish to use PayPal, you must not complete the form and you must contact the to complete the application process.

To complete the application procces please do the following:

1. Complete the application, filling in all required blanks.

2. Click the SUBMIT button at the bottom of the form. Click only once. There will be no immediate response from your completion of the form.

3. Go to the table at the lower center of this page and determine the amount of dues to be paid.

4. Go to the lower left hand corner where the PayPal "Add to Cart" is located. Select the appropriate amount and click "add to cart". Follow the instructions to complete your payment transaction. You will recieve an email as reciept for your payment. If for any reason your application is returned, all of your dues will be refunded back to your PayPal account.

Upon receipt of your application for membership and your dues payment, the following should happen:

  1. Your application will be added to our rolls, forwarded to the membership committee and your dues payment deposited.
  2. Your application will be vetted and acknowledged by either email or US mail.
  3. Your name will be noted in the next issue of Mexicana, following reciept of your application, as an applicant for membership in the Society.
  4. If there are no objections raised by current members of the Society, you will automatically be accepted into membership. If there are objections raised, you will be notified by US mail and your dues and application returned to you. You will receive a copy of the current issue of Mexicana, as well as copies of the magazine for the quarters preceeding that issue.
Application and Dues Paid in Dues Amount Mexicana Starts Period Covered
Oct, Nov or Dec $35 January January to December
Jan, Feb, or Mar $30 April April to December
Apr, May, or Jun $25 July July to December
Jul, Sept, or Oct $45 October October to December next year
Pro Rated Dues

Select the appropriate period and payment, then follow the instructions for the shopping cart