Expert Committee

The MEPSI Expert Committee is a member body that collectively has knowledge of every facet of Mexico's philately. If you have a stamp or cover and are unsure of its origin or whether it is fake or genuine, contact the Expert Committee for their opinion.

Application Details

"Applications will be processed for Members or Non-Members alike however the fee structure is different. See the "Inside" page of the Application form for rates. Our minimum rate is $50 for one shipment, meaning if you only send one stamp for a certificate the fee will be the minimum of $50 rather than the Member fee $25, or non-member fee of $35. See the fee schedule below and read the "Hints" section. Note: Fees are based upon the cost of an item, or the replacement or market value NOT catalog value. Catalog value often has little bearing on what a piece costs, or the market value. While your stamps are in our hands they are insured for the market value used to calculate the application fee.

If you wish more be sure an apply sufficient postage. The Administrator will provide a number of applications in accordance with the postage amount placed on the SASE. Requests from foreign countries will also be accepted. If you have no US stamps for the SASE, be sure and enclose cash in the desired amount in US currency or with a check to be drawn on a US bank. Foreign stamps (unless rare) and currency will be returned only after receiving a SASE to accommodate the uninsured weight. Mail to the EC and returned from the EC are all at your risk unless it is a letter requesting Expertization, then the rules printed in the MEPSI Application for Expertization will apply

Exact payment must accompany each and every application, the structure for fees is imprinted on all applications. Or you may review the current fees below.

Requests for quantities of application forms greater than 25 will be declined unless you state a case in your cover letter that suggests a need. If you need a greater quantity, then consider downloading and printing the applications using the links below.

Expert Committee Administrator

Marc E. Gonzales
PO Box 29040
Denver, CO 80229-0040

Fees For Expertization By The MEPSI Expert Committee Administrator
Item, Value up to $1,000 $25.00 $35.00
Item, Value greater than 1,000 to $1,500 $30.00 $40.00
Item, value $1,500.01 - $2,000 $40.00 $50.00
Item, value $2,000.01 - $2,500 $50.00 $60.00
Item, value over $2,500 2% of declared value
Restricted to $15,000 insured value per shipment. Shipment by DHL or FedEx
$45.00 $45.00
Proper fees should accompany the application. Payment should be by check in US dollars drawn on a US bank or, if cash, in US dollars.
HINTS for Filling Out Applications

When submitting material to the MEPSI Expert Committee, here are some hopefully useful hints that will aid in expediting your material.

1) Make sure that your application is completely filled in. The required fields that must be completed on the application are all located on the front page. Fill in the date that you complete the form. Make sure to fill in the center section, the "Year Issued", "Denomination", Color (ink/paper), a catalog number "Cat. No." and the catalog you use "Catalog (Scott, Follansbee, etc.). Make sure to include a "FAIR MARKET VALUE or PURCHASE PRICE" we need this information for insurance purposes (if you do not declare it then we will assume that you consider it worthless and it will be insured for that amount). Provide a brief description and tell us what you wish to know about the item.

2) Make sure to enclose payment. If payment is not in the envelope, your application and item will be placed into the safe until payment arrives. We do not invoice for services rendered. If you are in doubt whether your application is in process or for any reason you wish a status, contact the Administrator. If you include a valid email on the application, or if your email is on record with MEPSI, then the Administrator will attempt to contact you and advise that you must submit payment.

3) Read the payment schedule on the application carefully. A short payment is as bad as no payment at all, and your material will be placed into the safe and we will await the amount necessary for full payment.

4) When submitting covers, keep in mind that it is often impossible for the MEPSI Expert Committee to make judgments regarding watermarks or back printed stamps. The Committee will not remove your stamp from the cover. At your discretion, you may choose to remove the stamp yourself before submitting it for opinion. But if the cover arrives with the stamps fully secured, then the Committee will do its best to try to determine the state of any watermarks or back printing. Keep in mind that it is sometimes very difficult to detect certain watermarks in the best of conditions, so do not expect miracles in the worst of conditions. If a stamp is still affixed to the envelope and you request a certificate for an unwatermarked variety, the Expert Committee will NOT issue such a certificate. You will receive a certificate stating that "it is either [a watermarked variety] or an [unwatermarked variety]". Same goes for back phosphorescence and moire printing (etc.).

5) Do not attempt to put multiple items on a single application. If this is done, the Committee will, at their discretion, select one of the items and process it leaving the other unprocessed. Each item requires a separate application.